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By shutterupi26237408, Apr 11 2017 09:50AM

Remember, whether it is storm related questions or hurricane and insurance protection issues, you can count on Shutter Up to help you! We have been protecting Floridians for over a decade!

Weather-Ready Nation



Hurricane Preparedness Week | Hurricane Awareness Tours

It only takes one storm to change your life and community. Tropical cyclones are among nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena. If you live in an area prone to tropical cyclones, you need to be prepared. Even areas well away from the coastline can be threatened by dangerous flooding, destructive winds and tornadoes from these storms. The National Hurricane Center and the Central Pacific Hurricane Center issue watches, warnings, forecasts, and analyses of hazardous tropical weather.

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 7-13, 2017) is your time to prepare for a potential land-falling tropical storm or hurricane. Learn how with the daily tips below and related links. Share these with your friends and family to ensure that they're prepared.

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Sunday, May 7th

Determine your risk

Find out today what types of wind and water hazards could happen where you live, and then start preparing now...

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Monday, May 8th

Develop an evacuation plan

The first thing you need to do is find out if you live in a storm surge hurricane evacuation zone...

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Tuesday, May 9th

Assemble disaster supplies

You’re going to need supplies not just to get through the storm but for the potentially lengthy...

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Wednesday, May 10th

Secure an insurance check-up

Call your insurance company or agent and ask for an insurance check-up to make sure...

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Make an appointment to meet with our Florida Building Code Requirement Professionals

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Thursday, May 11th

Strengthen your home

If you plan to ride out the storm in your home, make sure it is in good repair and up to local hurricane building code specifications...

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Make an appointment to meet with our Florida Building Code Requirement Professionals

Call today! 561- 588-2623.

Friday, May 12th

Check on Your Neighbor

Many Americans rely on their neighbors after a disaster, but there are also many ways you can help your neighbors before...

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Saturday, May 13th

Complete your written hurricane plan

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season begins, when you have the time and are not under...

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Be a Force of Nature! Help us get the word out about preparing for hurricanes.

Hurricane Awareness Tours

Tours are an opportunity for NOAA and its partner agencies to visit locations along the coasts that could be impacted by hurricanes. At each location, NOAA’s National Weather Service and partner agencies teach visitors about weather safety and preparedness. And at each location along the tour, folks can even take a look at one of the Hurricane Hunter airplanes and meet the pilots who fly into the storms to gather data. This year NOAA is partnering with the USAF Reserve, FEMA and FLASH, as well as many local partners, to bring the 2017 Hurricane Awareness Tours to locations in the Atlantic and Pacific Basins.

Caribbean Hurricane Awareness Tour – April 24, 25, 26, 27, and 29

Hurricane Awareness Tour, East Coast – May 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

National Hurricane Center: Live Broadcast for Students on May 10 at 10:30 a.m. EDT

A free webinar on hurricanes will be offered to grades 4, 5, and 6 on May 10 at 10:30 a.m. EDT. This webinar is part of the 2017 Hurricane Preparedness Week and the NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour. The webinar will be broadcast live from the Raleigh/Durham stop of the Hurricane Awareness Tour.

During this free 45-minute webinar, students will hear from NHC scientists as well as NOAA AOC personnel who fly into hurricanes. The webinar will cover hurricane hazards, forecasting, observing hurricanes with airplanes, and hurricane preparedness. Classroom questions will be collected in advance of the webinar and questions will also be answered during the webinar.

The webinar will be presented by the Hurricanes: Science and Society team at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography in partnership with the NOAA National Hurricane Center and the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center. The purpose of the Hurricane Webinars is to raise awareness about hurricanes in advance of the 2017 North Atlantic hurricane season.

By shutterupi26237408, Mar 1 2017 07:05PM

Hurricane Season is still three months away, but it take 4-6 weeks to have Impact protection installed, and the closer we get to June, the longer the time line is for your installation. If you are thinking about protecting your home and family, now is the time to get started!

Remember, Hurricanes can't read. They dont always wait until the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season to form.

Shutter Up Windows and Doors has been protecting and beautifying your neighbors' homes for over a decade and has one of the highest approval ratings among previous customers. Because of this, most of their new customers are referred by existing homeowners. Ask your neighbor. They were most likely protected by Shutter Up, where quality and affordability meet.

By guest, Mar 2 2016 08:46AM

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